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Bathroom Renovations Guide

Bathrooms are some of the most expensive rooms in your  Kansas house. Considering the cost of tiling, tap ware, plumbing, basins, and baths, the cost can really add up. But since it’s among the most important rooms of your home, you want it to be not only beautiful, but functional.

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If you are looking to give your bathroom a remodel without flushing your bank account, we have developed a guide to achieve a complete bathroom renovation.

Develop a Remodeling Plan

The first step is essentially developing your plan before anything else, identifying the design you are looking for, and your budget. Consider working with a professional Kansas remodeling company or contractor to actualize your dream. While it might seem like a pricey move for someone looking to remodel, it will be money well spent.

A professional essentially makes sure that the budget, design, and timeline of your renovation are realistic, and give your plan the necessary path to get there. This will certainly save you money and time in the long run, as you will avoid expensive errors.

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Essential Tips for Bathroom Renovations

• Patterned floor tiles essentially make a statement, and to keep the luxurious look, keep the wall tiles simple and elegant.

• Timber grain can be a great option when it comes to vanities, since the wood finish brings warmth to the rather cold feel and look of the tiles.

• For those with ample space, nothing will spell luxury more than installing a freestanding tub.

• Use a mirror with a striking baroque or gold frame, instead of using the usual polished-edge mirror. This can actually turn any bathrooms into a showstopper.

• Putting pot plants in your bathrooms can make the room feel a bit bright and fresh, plus the plants will love the moisture.

• Be sure to sit on the toilet you are interested in before purchasing it, to make sure that the height and comfort are perfect. This goes for bathtubs too; it helps to step in and lay down. Of course, you need to make sure that you will be able to have an enjoyable soak without the feeling of being cramped in any way.

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• It’s best to hire a  Kansas contractor or a home builder instead of a plumber to do the project. Engage a good contractor who will oversee the whole renovation from demolition to completion. Opting to manage the project yourself can be overwhelming, stressful, and even costly especially if you have little or no experience.

For those days you have time for a good soak, you want it to be an enjoyable experience every time. But before you buy, make sure you have checked it out in the showroom. Inset baths are a more traditional-looking baths that can be installed onto a tiled hob. For a moderately luxurious look, you want to have an inset bath molded into a sleek, modern shape. If you have room and prefer the premium look, you can’t go wrong with a freestanding bathtub. These come in a variety of materials and styles, from resin or acrylic to metal and stone.

Depending on the look you are after and the quality, the prices of toilets can range quite widely. If you are on a budget, a simple link suite is having the cistern mounted on the wall, where a PVC apron separates it from the pan. You can easily get a unit for under $150.

You can also opt for a closed couple suite where the cistern is placed directly on top of the pan, to achieve that cleaner look. For an easy-to-clean finish that hides the water connection, you can opt for a wall-faced suite, which sits flat against the bathroom wall.

If money is not a problem and you are looking to get a high-end look, then an in-wall or concealed toilet is the best option for you. With these, the cistern is built into a wall cavity, and only buttons are left in the open. You can have the toilet floating from the floor.

Tap Ware
This is essentially the jewelry of your bathroom, and can therefore make or break your bathroom design. Conventional taps do come in a set, one for cold, and one for hot, and a sprout. Mixers are more preferable, if you want to produce the modern look.

As you do your bathroom renovations, ensure that you purchase quality tapware, especially when it comes to the wall mounted mixer taps. Keep in mind that replacing them may involve removing the surrounding tiles, which can be quite expensive.

When it comes to bathroom renovations, you should go for the style that sits well with the overall décor and architecture of your home. For a safe and inexpensive bet, simple ceramic tiles are the way to go.

Colorful or graphic tiles do make a statement, but they can get really expensive. Feature mosaics on the other hand will look more striking, but their cost is per sheet, and not per square meter. This means that installing them could get considerably expensive.

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Keep in mind that the bath doesn’t need to be tiled to the ceiling. You can consider using alternatives like board and batten, reclaimed wood panels, or a bead board to serve as premium looking replacements. We can also help you with your Kansas kitchen remodel project as well.